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What laver is seaweed mainly made with?


In the eyes of many consumers, laver and nori are two different kinds of food, but the manufacturers of seaweed often print on the packaging of 20g pure laver manufacturers, which makes a lot of people can not understand, is the manufacturer wrong? Seaweed is dark green, and it is a snack that many people love to eat, how can it be the same as the seaweed in dishes?

Seaweed is made called streak nori seaweed as that streak laver is currently in use is more of a laver variety, mainly originating from Asia China, Japan, and South Korea, generally can be processed into dried laver slices after harvest and after seasonings, baking and other secondary processing become leisure snacks in our daily life.

In our impression, laver is usually used to make soup. This kind of laver used to make dishes is mainly altar laver, which is a unique variety of laver in China and often grows in the coastal areas of Fujian and Zhejiang. The wild altar laver grows on the reef and was listed as a tribute in the Song Dynasty. Usually picked altar laver by local farmers directly dried into laver round pieces, while large laver manufacturers generally processed it into square laver pieces, mostly used in cooking and soup, is a very popular ingredient.

After understanding the difference between striped laver and altar laver, you can understand why nori is produced by laver manufacturers, this is because the raw material of nori is laver! The Porphyra goes through the process and turns into nori, from a dark brown to a beautiful dark green, and it's amazing. The appearance of tan laver has not changed much, but the taste of laver shrimp soup and laver egg blossom soup is deeply imprinted in people's memory.