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What kind of laver is of high-quality?


Laver is a very high-quality laver, which refers to the first batch of 20g pure laver collected ashore in the season of laver harvesting. It has a high value. It not only tastes delicious and refreshing but also has rich nutrition.

Due to the high price, high demand, and low yield, some unscrupulous vendors sell ordinary laver as low-quality products, so some consumers are confused about the real laver. Is it purple or black?

Really good quality headwater laver is bright black, looks shiny, and smells faintly of seafood, while purple ones are likely to be damp or spoiled laver. Normally, when fresh laver is soaked, it won't have a particularly dark color, it will have a light purple color, but the laver is still bright black.

Another secret of fresh laver is that it turns green as soon as it is cooked. If it turns purple when it is cooked, it is proof that the laver is not fresh and will reduce its nutrition and taste. When identifying whether laver is fresh, it is mainly to observe the color and smell. The color becomes purple and the smell is stronger. This kind of laver is generally not too fresh and is not recommended to buy.

Compared with ordinary laver, laver is more delicate, and rich in minerals, as well as polysaccharides, carotenoids, and so on.