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How to promote the healthy development of laver industry?


Expectations for the future development of laver industry

1, positive adaptation, positive response

According to the National Climate Change Assessment report, climate warming is expected to increase China's average temperature by 2to 3in the next 50 to 80 years. 30g Pure Pan Seaweed practitioners must actively adapt to the global warming environment and establish suitable breeding mode and technology to ensure the stable development of the industry.

2. Technological innovation

(1) Germplasm innovation

Cultivates the varieties with good quality, strong resistance to stress, stable yield and suitable for the promotion and cultivation of main producing areas, increases the research on the breeding of superior varieties, germplasm preservation and the cultivation of professional and technical personnel.

(2) Efficient cultivation of seedlings

Strengthen the improvement of laver seedling production equipment and facilities, the promotion of supporting technical system, improve the level of automation and intelligence of laver seedling, and constantly improve seedling efficiency.

(3) Increase the yield of cultivation

Develop the cultivation technology and production technology adapted to the new cultivation environment, develop the cultivation equipment and facilities matching, improve the level of mountain.

3. Develop the market and build the brand

Pay attention to the domestic demand for laver, produce more products to meet the personalized needs of consumers, expand the market, improve the added value of products, at the same time, to strengthen brand building, leading production and consumption.

4. Standardized production

Laver industry is a typical export-oriented industrial economy with broad development prospects and huge potential. The implementation of standardized production is conducive to standardizing management behaviors in the industry, improving product quality, reducing production costs, improving market competitiveness, and gradually forming a system of relevant standards.

5. Policy support

Laver industry is an important part of Marine economy in coastal areas, which is of great significance to increase the production and income of farmers and fishermen. Under the guidance of policies supporting agricultural development, the government and relevant departments should pay more attention to laver industry, especially in fishing machinery subsidies, industrial insurance and other aspects of policy and financial support, to guide the sustainable and healthy development of laver industry.