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What kinds of laver are common in China?


Laver is a lot of people love a kind of algae, are common in China of two varieties of seaweed, respectively for the altar laver and streak seaweed, including the main altar laver round cake made into dry seaweed, used to cook soup in daily life, such as laver egg drop soup, tomato seaweed soup, etc., while the streak of seaweed is used mainly for seaweed and various kinds of seaweed products, common yaki sushi nori, 200g rice snack,28.8g seaweed nori bar snack,16g instant seafood vegetable nori snack, and so on, visible laver application market is very broad, but, how do we find reliable wholesale laver supply, this is a lot of laver wholesalers concern.

There are the following ways to find the wholesale supply of laver: laver manufacturers, laver farmers, laver trade fairs, online laver trading platforms, etc.

When looking for a wholesale source of nori, the first thought is the manufacturers and farmers. Laver farmers and laver manufacturers are the starts of laver wholesale, goods are produced there, and the price is cheaper than middlemen, but the need for a large number of wholesale. When looking for seaweed wholesale sources, we should pay attention to identifying the manufacturer's qualifications and look for regular manufacturers. It is worth noting that manufacturers' direct wholesale will have certain requirements on the wholesale quantity, so the price is relatively favorable. If our wholesale quantity is relatively small, manufacturers' direct wholesale is not necessarily the best choice.

Due to the unique characteristics of laver, its origin and water will be different, the world can produce good quality areas concentrated in China, Japan, South Korea, and other countries. Laver is unique to China and is used in soups to make sushi nori and other nori snacks.

In addition, laver wholesale can also go to the offline laver trade fair and online laver wholesale mall, usually offline trade fair is cheaper than middlemen but is not suitable for the generally small and medium-sized buyers. The Internet platform of online trading breaks the time and space limitations of offline laver wholesale, but remember to keep samples.