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What is the effect of laver grade on procurement?


Laver has a unique flavor and is popular. Lauda is mainly planted in coastal areas such as Fujian and Jiangsu in my country. It is a very important economic alga for some coastal areas. Therefore, many people are engaged in laver wholesale business. Or the pure laver wholesalers with a short entry time are relatively easy to take detours. So how to avoid stepping on the pit?

Today, let's talk about the skills of laver wholesale. Facing the price of laver, you cannot just look at the price. Therefore, it is one of the tricks to attract customers at low prices during the wholesale of laver. Why do you say that? Many people who just come into contact with laver wholesale generally inquire first and then choose laver manufacturers. Many laver manufacturers first recruit low prices, and for manufacturers with relatively high prices, laver wholesale companies will not consider purchasing.

To know this trick, our laver wholesalers need to learn to distinguish the level of laver and understand the market dynamics of laver. The reason why we need to learn the level of laver is because the different levels of laver determine the price of laver. In layman's terms, the price of the same low-grade laver is lower than the wholesale price of high-end seaweed.

In addition to tricky low prices, there are no uniform samples. Before the wholesale, the grade of the sample was relatively high, so the wholesaler decided that the price was cheaper. However, when you receive the goods, you will find that it often declines. Here we will remind you that when wholesale laver, pay attention to retain the sample. Mixed sales with high levels reduced costs.

When we wholesale laver, we must pay attention to the quality of laver, but it is not necessarily insurance to look at the quotation. We can compare a few more manufacturers, see the quotation and quality, and then make a decision.