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What are the changes of laver farming methods?


With the acceleration of agricultural modernization and the strengthening of Marine economic construction, the development of the pure laver industry is full of hope and broad prospects for development. Over the years, our country attaches great importance to the development of the laver industry, actively strengthening the industrialization development of laver, and has done a lot of work in laver seed selection and breeding, standardization of breeding, processing, and so on, to establish laver trading market, to build laver brand, at the same time also actively explore the sustainable development of laver industry.

It is understood that traditional laver farming mainly adopts raft farming mode, which requires a large amount of bamboo. The procurement, transportation, stacking, handling, and piling of bamboo are time-consuming and laborious, and repeated year after year, resulting in high breeding costs. If farmers do not recycle bamboo after breeding, it will not only increase the cost but also cause environmental pollution to the ocean. Gradually promote the use of a plastic bamboo pole, its service life can be up to 5 to 10 years, can save costs, reduce duplication of labor, also can protect the Marine environment. The plastic bamboo poles come in a variety of colors, which are used for laver breeding and dress up a beautiful scenery line for the blue sea. In the current rural tourism in full swing, more tourists can be attracted to visit and experience the Marine culture.