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Can lactating mother eat laver?


In daily life, many people are particularly fond of eating laver. Laver is rich in calcium and iodine, a variety of vitamins, and minerals, appropriate consumption of 20g pure laver is good for the body, then, some people may want to ask breastfeeding mothers can eat laver?

The lactating period can be appropriate to eat laver, this is because laver is rich in protein, the lack of protein during breastfeeding will affect the secretion of milk, affect the amino acid composition of milk protein, is not conducive to the growth and development of the baby, and the calcium and iron contained in laver can prevent anemia, the baby's bones and teeth development is also very good, at the same time, Laver polysaccharides in laver can help lactating mothers provide better breast milk.

Laver does not cause milk return. Common foods that can cause milk return in our daily diet include leek, squab, oats, pepper, raw hawthorn, daylily, malted milk essence, raw loquat leaves, etc. If mothers are worried about milk return during lactation, they should try to avoid eating the above foods that may cause milk return.