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What kind of nori is nori mainly made from?


At present, laver and altar laver are one of the important economic algae in some coastal areas of China. After years of development, laver processing has formed a certain industrial development trend.

Laver industry in China is mainly distributed in the Yangtze River Delta region and the Pearl River Delta region, among them, the Yangtze River Delta region set breeding, processing, sales in one, some laver processing enterprises, through the development of many years, set laver seedling, breeding, one, two processing, laver processing machine is equal to one. In the Pearl River Delta, more mainly with secondary processing laver enterprises.

Nori is processed from porphyra and has high nutritional value. At present, the market is selling seaweed processing the main products have sushi nori,seaweed sandwich, seaweed powder, sea Tess several species, among them, the sushi nori is mainly used in food industry, production of various kinds of sushi, boarding, etc., and sandwich seaweed is a kind of delicious seaweed leisure snacks, broad consumer groups, because green seaweed itself, health concept is accepted by more and more consumers, Therefore, the use of nori processing of all kinds of snacks are also recognized and sought after by the market.