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What kind of laver is mainly used to make snack food?


Laver is a common food material, which is very common in China. From the types of laver, it can be roughly divided into altar laver products and striped laver products. Different production methods use different varieties, such as altar laver for soup, and striped laver for sushi.

Altar laver manufacturers are mostly concentrated in Fujian and Zhejiang. Altar laver products include the common round pancake laver, sandless and no-wash square laver, high-grade organic laver, and some laver soup bags. Generally, the soup is made of altar laver, among which, the head water laver can also be used with bird's nest, abalone to do high-end dishes. Common laver dishes include laver egg soup, laver shrimp soup, tremella laver soup and so on. They are very popular on weekdays, rich in nutrients and delicious in taste.

Laver manufacturers are mainly concentrated in the coastal areas of Jiangsu, where the quality of laver is good. Speaking of striped laver, most consumers are not strange to nori, common striped laver products have sushi laver, seasoned laver, seaweed nori bar snack, laver roll, nori powder, nori roll, sandwich nori. Today's laver is widely used, not only in food processing, but also in health care products, feed and other fields.