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Why keep laver sealed?


The eating of the laver in China has a very long history, dating back to the Song Dynasty when the laver was known as a fairy vegetable and served as a royal tribute. Nowadays, with the development of artificial breeding technology, laver has been put on the table of thousands of families and is made into a variety of delicious dishes. The 20g pure laver we buy is usually dried laver because fresh laver is not easy to preserve. The laver picked ashore is usually processed into dried laver in time, on the one hand, to avoid deterioration and loss, on the other hand, it is easy to preserve and transport. The quality of the laver will affect the taste, so what should we choose when buying dried laver?

We should observe the appearance of dried laver and smell its smell, which is a more intuitive way to distinguish the quality of dried laver. Although the dried laver is called "laver", the color is bright black with luster as the top quality. If the color is purple, it means that the dried laver has been spoiled by moisture, and the high-quality dried laver smells of natural seafood.

Dry laver generally has all manual, semi-automatic, and automatic mechanized processing three processing methods. Full manual processing refers to the harvest of laver by farmers directly dried, semi-automatic processing is the use of mechanical drying instead of natural drying, and automatic processing refers to the whole process being processed by automatic machines. The manual and semi-automatic processing difference is not very big, and the price difference is relatively small, but automatic equipment processing dry laver can do real sand-free washing, better quality, therefore, the price will be higher.

Packaging can't be ignored when we are buying dried nori. Traditional laver is usually wrapped in film, which has the disadvantage of not being airtight but is relatively inexpensive. In recent years, the market appeared plastic bag packaging of dried seaweed, water, and air isolation, sealing goods, long storage time, but the price will be a little more expensive.