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How to roughly judge the quality of sushi nori?


In the process of making sushi, we all know that without the use of yaki sushi nori, this is a kind of delicious food, looks for green, if you careful observation, will find that the parcel seaweed sushi sushi is very shiny, looks very have appetite, but why seaweed sushi smooth side on the other side is relatively rough?  

One side of the sushi nori is smooth and shiny, and not because it's been oiled. It is understood that the processing technology of sushi nori is mainly baking, without the step of brushing oil. In fact, the luster of the smooth side of sushi nori is the luster of seaweed cell wall after nori processing.

Knowing the above reasons, let's look at one of the tricks to identify the quality of sushi nori, is to determine whether the smooth side of sushi nori is shiny to determine the quality of nori. This method is not accurate, only a rough judgment, and the subdivision between grades should be combined with other factors. Generally speaking, shiny sushi nori means that the raw material of nori is fresh, while matte means that there are more dead spots of nori, which may be caused by improper processing of raw materials.

General matte sushi nori grade is relatively poor, and this kind of sushi nori taste is not very good, the production of sushi is not beautiful. The gloss on the smooth side of the sushi nori is like a natural filter, and while it doesn't look like much substance or nutrition, it adds to the aesthetic of the food.