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What are the ingredients of yaki sushi nori?


Those of you who love sushi is no stranger to yaki sushi nori. Most delicious sushi has a dark green coat on it. This is yaki sushi nori, and it plays an important role in the appearance and taste of sushi. So yaki sushi nori, many of you may not know what the ingredients of yaki sushi nori are.

Yaki sushi nori is made from a type of seaweed called porphyria, which grows in the sea and is a delicious seaweed. Will streak laver for a special treatment can get flake yaki sushi nori, one could doubt, at this time we usually soup laver and sushi nori difference are too big, this is two different kinds of seaweed, we used to make soup daily uses is the altar laver, but make yaki sushi nori streak laver.

Our country is rich in the laver, and has a long history, as early as the northern song dynasty was listed as tribute, laver tastes delicious, rich in nutrition, many people like to eat, used to make yaki sushi nori striped laver and altar laver slightly different, processing methods are also different. When seaweed is processed into yaki sushi nori, it needs to be washed, chopped, poured, dried, baked, and other steps. The processed yaki sushi nori is very different from the raw material Porphyra. Yaki sushi nori is dark green and shiny, so many people are surprised by the fact that yaki sushi nori is made of seaweed. But the truth is that a good piece of Porphyra can make an equally good piece of yaki sushi nori, and a lot of nori too.