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How to choose the nori in seaweed sandwich?


I think many of us have eaten nori, which is thin, crispy, and delicious in the mouth. The crispy filling of seaweed sandwiches makes people eat it all the time. It is also one of the snacks that parents like to buy for their children.

Two characteristics of high-quality seaweed sandwiches can not be ignored. On the one hand, we should choose bright colors and natural fragrances, and the sandwich part should also pay attention to quality so that the seaweed sandwich can maintain the overall taste of delicious and nutritious.

Seaweed sandwich is not only delicious, but nutritious, seaweed enrichment of B vitamins, vitamin A and vitamin E, and riboflavin and niacin, still has A lot of minerals and trace elements, sandwich often uses is nuts, equally rich in A variety of nutrition, therefore, many parents like to buy this healthy snacks for the children.

Seaweed sandwiches should use dark green and shiny nori, which is uniform and delicate, naturally delicious in the entrance, neat in appearance, and fresh but not fishy in taste. The middle sandwich should also be screened layer by layer to better develop the fragrance and integrate with the umami taste of nori and taste crunchy.

With a nutty core sandwiched between two thick pieces of nori, the rich aroma of the core is combined with the umami flavor of the nori, so crispy that even office workers can't resist it. Delicious and healthy seaweed sandwich many manufacturers use portable packaging, easy to eat, in the busy afternoon and leisure weekend, a bag of stuffed nori will bring us a delicious feast on the tongue.