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How about the seaweed sandwich?


Nori has a unique taste that children like. In recent years, there has been a snack called a seaweed sandwich, in which two thin pieces of nori are filled with rich sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, or nuts. It is very popular in the market. Do you like this seaweed sandwich? What's the magic of a seaweed sandwich?

Is a seaweed sandwich tasty? Did you like it? Most people who have tried it have a good opinion of the seaweed sandwich. The reason why seaweed sandwiches can be favored by consumers is that their taste is very delicious. The traditionally seasoned nori is a small piece that melts in your mouth and has a simple flavor compared to stuffed nori, which is crispy and rich in texture.

Seaweed sandwich has one very attractive advantage over other snacks like potato chips and fried chicken -- it's healthy. Nori is considered a health food by many people, because it contains very rich vitamins, calcium, iodine, and other trace elements, especially vitamin B, without frying processing, do not add any seaweed sandwich audience wide, suitable for children, youth, white-collar workers, the elderly, especially in the children group, high-quality seaweed sandwich many children like, mothers will recommend each other, Consumers will recognize it.