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How to choose high-quality seaweed sandwich?


There are so many snacks on the market that it's hard to tell which one is delicious and which one is of good quality. In the variety of snacks, a seaweed sandwich can be counted as a very popular snack. Today, we will introduce to you how to identify the quality of sandwich nori, and see in the minds of many consumers, what is a good seaweed sandwich.

After we get it, we first look at the packaging form, whether the seaweed sandwich packaging is environmentally friendly, and whether the seaweed sandwich will break under this packaging form. Packaging can be said to be an important part of a product, and its function can not be ignored. If we get a lot of sandwich nori crumbs, it means that such packaging is not suitable.

After we see the package open to see the quality of the seaweed sandwich, seaweed is a natural green color and carries the luster, and then we smell the smell of the sea moss, see if it has a natural seafood flavor, if the smell is the smell of dense, then the seaweed sandwich quality is not good or gone bad.

We identify the seaweed, and take a look at the seaweed sandwich part of seaweed, due to the sandwich part is seaweed clip inside in the laver, therefore, it is difficult to discern the stand or fall of the sandwich part from the appearance, so, the direct edible taste is a good method, if the taste is too heavy, hides the flavor of seaweed and sandwich, then again carefully to identify it.

Seaweed sandwiches are delicious and healthy, therefore, when choosing a seaweed sandwich, one must pay attention to distinguish between the quality of the nori and the sandwich, pay attention to not too salty or too sweet, follow these principles, the choice of seaweed sandwich will not be bad.