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What kind of nori is high-quality nori?


Delicious nori, its raw material is Porphyra, therefore, many nori manufacturers will produce nori. In the market, we can see various brands and packaging of nori, but which kind of nori is the high quality?

About the secret of nori, we must go to the nori manufacturer to understand, because that is the production base of nori, is also where the delicious start of nori. How to choose good nori? We mainly look at the appearance of the nori, smell the nori, and taste the nori.

In the laver factory, you can see a variety of nori, to identify their quality, first check whether the nori is dark green, whether there is luster, whether there are holes, whether there are miscellaneous algae, etc., these are important standards to judge the quality of nori. The appearance of good nori is dark green, with luster, holes, and less miscellaneous algae.

In addition, to tell whether nori is good or bad, you need to smell the nori, which is a direct way to tell how fresh it is. Fresh nori has a light seafood taste and is naturally salty. If there is a fishy or strong fishy smell, the nori is spoiled or not fresh.

When identifying the quality of nori, in addition to looking at the appearance, smell, also taste. Good nori is natural and fresh in the mouth, very tender, if it is sticky in the mouth and difficult to chew, it is not good quality nori.