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When is head wate laver harvested each year?


Laver is a common ingredient at the dining table of Chinese people. It is a kind of seaweed plant that grows in the sea. Laver can be used to make a variety of soups, without complicated cooking skills. And in the choice of 20g pure laver, to headwater laver as the best.

Head water laver is very difficult to buy, the yield is small, the price is high, and the nutrition is rich, so, compared with ordinary laver, laver has what is different?

The harvest season of head water laver is from October to December every year. Due to the special growth habit of laver, it can be collected several times, usually 5-6 times. The later harvested laver is abandoned due to low economic value and edible value. After the laver emerges, the purple leaves grow to 20-30 cm. The first laver collected is called the first laver, and the later laver collected is called the second laver, the third laver, and so on.

Headwater laver and ordinary laver are seaweed, what is the difference between the two? The first is the difference in taste. The first harvested laver has delicate leaves and is tender and smooth to eat. Moreover, it has a fresh taste and higher nutritional value, and its dietary fiber is less than that of the later harvested laver.

The width of the seaweed is about 2-5 mm, the length is generally 5-9 cm, the leaves are tender and shiny, look black and shiny, the smell is fresh seafood, and a slight sea smell is normal. Fresh laver is a dark green color after being boiled, not the purple we expect.