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What is the effect of harvest batches on the price of laver?


Dried laver, also known as a longevity vegetable, is a must-have ingredient in many families. It is a nutritious dish, especially for vegetarians. As for the price of 20g pure laver, consumers have great doubts, some are very cheap, more than ten dollars a pack, expensive dozens of pieces, even hundreds of pieces, how is this?

Laver is divided into one water, two water, three water, four water, and so on according to the batch of harvesting during the harvest season. The harvest batch has a great impact on the price. Although some seaweed prices are expensive, but will still be sold out, why is this?

Usually, the first batch of high-quality laver collected ashore can be sold at a high price. Even if the price is high, it is still very popular, because the production is small at that time, the first batch of laver collected ashore is more tender and delicious in different ways. Some high-end restaurants even cook it with other high-end ingredients, which is very popular among diners.

The first batch of the laver in addition to delicious taste, tender taste, its nutritional composition is higher than the subsequent batches of laver, it contains a variety of umami amino acids, calcium, vitamins, and other nutrients are relatively high, which is why it can cook out a strong flavor and sweet taste.