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How to choose the grade of laver?


Laver is a kind of seaweed that grows in the sea. It is nutritious and delicious and can be used to make all kinds of food, such as round cake laver, seaweed sandwichyaki sushi nori, nori rolls, etc. It is widely popular in many countries around the world, so many people are engaged in the wholesale of laver. So, how do you choose laver?

The selection of laver is not as difficult as we thought, master a few skills can be in the laver wholesale selection of appropriate laver products. First of all, we need to know how to identify the level of laver, understand what the wholesale laver is used to do, and master these two skills, the wholesale laver is not so difficult.

Learn to distinguish the level of laver, which is also a necessary skill for laver wholesale. Laver has several grades from high to low, such as A, B, C, D, and E. The classification of the grades is based on the appearance of laver, the harvest batch of laver, the aroma of laver, and the taste of laver. Different grades of laver vary in price, so it is necessary to know the grade of each type of laver before wholesale.

Also, it is important to know what laver is used for. For example, what is the purpose of wholesale laver, whether it is snack food or roasted laver, it is important to understand the demand. Because different kinds of laver have different qualities, wholesale laver can be used for different purposes, such as roasted laver, which needs to be moderately pliable and seasoned laver, which needs to be tender and tasty.