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What's a good yaki sushi nori like?


When we buy yaki sushi nori, we will always see the high quality, A grade, and so on advertised by the business, so, what do these mean? How do we rank yaki sushi nori? As an ordinary consumer, how to quickly identify the advantages and disadvantages of sushi seaweed quality?

First of all, we can learn that there are grades of yaki sushi nori, and the nori manufacturers will classify it according to their grades after production. In addition, the prices of different grades of nori are not the same when wholesale. Therefore, it is very important to learn to judge the grade of sushi nori. How to view the level of yaki sushi nori is a deep knowledge, it takes years of practice to get a glance can see the level of yaki sushi nori skills, however, many people are ordinary consumers, no superb discrimination skills, then, is it impossible to distinguish?

Don't worry, ordinary consumers without professional knowledge can distinguish yaki sushi nori most of the time by observing the appearance, smelling the smell, and tasting the taste if possible. Usually, the grade of yaki sushi nori is divided into five levels, which are A, B, C, D, and E from high to low.

The appearance of the yaki sushi nori, with good quality, is green, with sheen, not too many holes and dead spots, smell the taste of seafood, natural eating in the mouth is very delicious, so yaki sushi nori level is generally not too bad, so consumers don't have to the problem of excessive worry too much about yaki sushi nori level, after all, is not a professional, able to grasp of the recognition methods have a probably, It can be used in actual procurement.