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Why should fresh laver be processed in time?


Laver tastes delicious, but do we all know that the laver we buy at home is actually dried pure laver processed by laver manufacturers, fresh laver needs to be processed in time after harvest to maintain her flavor and nutrition.

Fresh seaweed easily occurred rots even after harvest, if the fresh seaweed is piled up at random, poor storage conditions, will accelerate the speed of the deterioration of the laver, big discounts for flavor and appearance, therefore, laver after harvest, need in the right conditions the staging, process and quickly), and reduce the loss as much as possible.

What is the essence of why fresh seaweed needs to be processed quickly after harvesting? This is due to the fact that the body's enzymes promote the breakdown of cellular tissues and the proliferation of bacteria after the laver is collected from the sea. As a result, the internal temperature of the fresh laver pile increases, and the cut surfaces and wounds produced during the harvesting process gradually fester, weakening the resistance to fresh water. In addition, when the laver is transported back to the laver manufacturer after harvest, it needs to be exposed to the sun for two to three hours, during which time it slowly begins to deteriorate.

If seaweed production factory is not timely processing, processing of seaweed deep color, lose luster, the taste is delicious enough, in serious cases, it might even have a strong smell, edible, price is a natural high not, therefore, laver after harvest, laver manufacturers will be racing against time to process for it), and to maximize the preserve its flavor.