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What are the foods made of nori?


Laver main composition about 50% carbohydrate, about 30% crude protein, vitamin A, B, C rich, and iodine, phosphorus, calcium and so on. There are two main types of nori on the market, altar nori and porphyra. Porphyra is the main raw material for making nori. After roasting, it is seasoned, and oil, salt and other seasonings are added to make nori.

Seaweed is A kind of natural algae food, can trace element supplement vitamin A and vitamin E, and A small amount of vitamin C, can enhance memory, seaweed of minerals in potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, copper, selenium, iodine, manganese, etc., to promote bone, teeth growth, helps the body to maintain the body's acid-base balance. There are a lot of nori products on the snack market, such as 4.5g traditional seasoned seaweed snack,16g BBQ flavor instant roasted crispy seaweed snack,80g canned instant seaweed omelet,300g rice chips,32g sesame topping seaweed pastry,28.8g coconut flavor seaweed snack food,28.8g seaweed nori bar snack, which are very popular.