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Which province exports the most laver?


Laver is one of the leading varieties of Marine agriculture and export earning foreign exchange in China. Laver distribution has regional characteristics in our country, mainly distributed in Huang Bohai to southeast coastal intertidal zone, alternaria alternata provinces such as zhejiang, fujian, jiangsu, shandong, southeast coastal provinces and cities laver export large number, according to Chinese customs import and export data, laver of 2021, China's export quantity is 4293 tons, among them, in the provinces and cities of laver main export, Fujian province is the province that exports more.

Dried laver contains 30%~50% crude protein, rich in dietary fiber, a variety of vitamins, calcium, potassium, magnesium and other trace elements, and also contains phycobilin unique to algae, with high nutritional value, is a rare Marine food material. Since 2019, laver rolls and other foods with laver as the main ingredients have become popular food, which provides a new business idea for laver processing. Instead of just making laver cakes, more other products have gradually emerged, such as seasoned nori snack,canned seaweed sandwich,instant nori roll,crispy seaweed roll,seaweed shrimp pastry,instant rice cracker,canned instant seaweed omelet,instant seafood vegetable nori snack,A grade yaki sushi nori seaweed,the hot sales of laver products. Many production enterprises will laver cultivation, processing, sales and other services for standard industrialization development, but also with the current popular e-commerce and logistics, to achieve a wider range of sales and efficient transportation efficiency.