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Which countries are the main exports of Chinese laver?


Laver is rich in various vitamins and minerals. It is an economic alga that grows in the sea and is often referred to as the "vitamin treasure house of the sea". There are two kinds of laver mainly produced and processed by Chinese laver manufacturers, one is Porphyra, which is used to make various kinds of laver products, such as laver roll, seaweed sandwiches, sushi laver, etc. The other is the unique variety of LAver, which is an altar later, which is mainly used to make laver soup and various dishes.

At present, Porphyra has become one of the important economic algae in coastal areas of our country. Products of Porphyra manufacturers are also popular at home and abroad, among which Porphyra exports more. So, which countries do Chinese laver manufacturers mainly sell their products to?

Laver products such as roasted laver and dried laver produced by coastal laver producers in Fujian and Jiangsu provinces are the main force of export, among which Asian, European and American markets are the main export areas. In Asia, nori is in high demand in Japan. As early as the early 21st century, Japan implemented the quota system for a laver. In April 2004, the management measures of Japan about the import of laver were investigated by trade barriers. In 2005, Japan gave up the quota limit gradually, and thus our country's laver began to enter the Japanese market.

Japan, Korea, and other Asian countries have a long history of eating laver. In the European and American markets, the popularity of laver and the growing number of restaurants in Japan and South Korea, and China's seaweed products are selling well at home and abroad. In recent years, the demand for leisure nori products in overseas markets is increasing, and various nori rolls, stuffed nori and sushi nori produced by nori manufacturers also have an increasingly broad market.