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What should novices who engage in laver wholesale pay attention to?


Laver is a kind of important economic algae in the coastal areas of China. It is also a common food material on the table. Many people like to use pure laver to make delicious and simple soup. The seemingly unremarkable laver has also spawned a huge market, some people produce laver, some wholesale laver to sell, and some people use laver to do a variety of food to sell......

For those who are engaged in the wholesale of laver, it is very important to be able to purchase the high quality and low price of laver, which represents the profit margin in the later period. So, when we wholesale laver, we must keep these two elements in mind: on the one hand, the wholesale of primary supply, on the other hand, is to identify the quality.

In the wholesale of LAver, the closer the distance from LAver producing area or LAver manufacturers, the price will be relatively cheaper, the concentration of manufacturers, which is convenient for us to compare the price and quality, but also conducive to us to reduce the wholesale price. On the one hand, the transportation cost is low, on the other hand, the probability of encountering the delivered goods is low. People engaged in laver wholesale for many years are more sensitive to the price of laver and can grasp the price fluctuations of the laver market, so it is easier to identify whether the price of laver refers to the purchase. Because the novice lack of experience, looking for laver manufacturers will be more reliable.

It is suggested that novices engaged in laver wholesale, laver wholesale in addition to paying attention to the price, but also to identify the quality of laver. The quality of laver directly affects the wholesale price of laver. High price for good quality, low price for low quality. In the wholesale of laver, to identify the quality of laver, the most basic is to understand the level of laver. Common laver is mainly divided into four levels, ABCD, on this basis, can also be subdivided, such into A1, A2, A3 several sub-levels. A more segmented grade can help the laver wholesaler find a more suitable laver, thus maximizing the profit of the laver wholesaler.