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What about the edible value of yaki sushi nori?


The taste of yaki sushi nori is very delicious, with the taste of the sea, the sushi made with yaki sushi nori not only beautiful appearance but also improves the taste of sushi. Yaki sushi nori is very crunchy, so when you make sushi, you roll it up, why doesn't it break? Should I soak it before use?

Yaki sushi nori is baked by baking ary strip Porphyra after the baked, the moisture content is relatively low, crisp as paper, do sushi, yaki sushi nori need to soak? Because in many people's impression, bubble soft time is not easy to break, and can change a variety of shapes. Actually, and we want to different, professional personage answer is without soaking, not only do not soak, but also avoid dark wet preservation, avoid yaki sushi nori be affected with damp because once be affected with damp is prone to spoil, losing its freshness and nutrition, so if the yaki sushi nori can't be used to do after bubble water to soften the sushi.

Yaki sushi nori is delicious, nutritious, containing algae gallbladder, EPA precious nutrients such as protein, and vitamin A, vitamin E, and A small amount of vitamin C, in addition, yaki sushi nori also contains potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium, iodine, iron, zinc, copper, manganese and other minerals, therefore, it is also known as vitamin treasure of the ocean.