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What is the edible value of nori?


Seaweed's nutritional value is very high, its protein content exceeds kelp, and contains more carotene, riboflavin and rich iodine, calcium, iron, zinc and vitamin A. Seaweed adipose content is relatively low, only 1% ~ 2% of all nutrients, is conducive to the development of the nervous system of unsaturated fatty acids EPA content accounted for 52%, plus a lot of essential minerals and vitamins, the long-term right amount edible seaweed can improve microcirculation, enhance immunity, anti-aging, reduce the incidence of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

The processing process of seaweed sandwich nori is relatively complicated. The dried seaweed is obtained after rough processing of laver by air drying. This kind of dried nori is mostly used for simple food processing and meal wrapping. After being dried in the sun, the dried nori is roasted to get the roasted seaweed, which is crisp and fragrant. Then the roasted nori is further processed and combined with sesame seeds, which can not only retain the crisp and umami flavor of the roasted seaweed, but also increase the fragrance of sesame seeds.

The seaweed sandwich is made of high quality, non-pollution nori with special processing technology, which retains the delicious taste of nori. The rich white sesame increases the flavor of sesame, and it is very popular as leisure food.