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What are the edible advantages of nori?


What are the most popular products in laver? For this problem, we should first understand the current types of laver, the characteristics of various laver products, as well as consumer groups, to draw a better conclusion.

The laver we eat in our daily life is mainly divided into two categories: laver and Porphyra. Speaking of these two names, we will be very unfamiliar. In China, for ordinary consumers, laver is the most commonly used laver, which is used to make laver egg soup, laver shrimp soup, and other dishes. At present, the sale of the fresh laver in the general market is relatively small, mainly based on dried laver, dried laver is easy to store and transport.

Laver is a category of its own, which is deeply loved by consumers. In the category of laver, there are many kinds. As laver is the raw material for making nori, it is widely used in making nori snacks, such as yaki sushi nori, flavored nori, nori roll,seaweed sandwich, and so on.

Compared with other snacks, nori snacks are healthier and taste better. They are popular among men, women, and children. Nori is rich in calcium, iodine, protein, and unsaturated fatty acids, which are beneficial to the human body. Moderate consumption can help the body to supplement trace elements. Although it is rich in nutrients, it is also necessary to control the amount of consumption and should not be excessive. But no matter how good things are, we can't eat too much of them, and be careful not to eat too much delicious seaweed.

Laver's popular products in the key also depend on the market and consumer groups, different regions, and different tastes, like the product is also different!