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How to process dried laver?


Laver product structure is still need to develop a link, but in recent years, has gradually changed, in the past laver is mainly made into dry laver, processing process is mainly algae sundries picking, cleaning, shredding, cake making, dehydration, drying, stripping, grading, grading, drying, packaging, among them, "Cake making, dehydration, drying, stripping" section is generally completed by the integration unit with a higher degree of automation, but with the rapid development of laver products, laver deep processing products and production scale is constantly expanding.

Second processing laver products are no longer limited to the popular roasted laver, but to develop more nutritious, safe and reliable, diverse flavor, exquisite packaging, easy to eat ready-to-eat food, such as 80g canned instant seaweed omelet,200g rice snack,28.8g seaweed nori bar snack,32g seaweed meat puff pastry,300g rice chips,35g canned seaweed sandwich,4.5g traditional seasoned seaweed snack,200g instant rice cracker and so on,to supply the domestic and foreign markets.

For the development and promotion of laver products, pay attention to market demand, actively improve product structure, improve product quality, open up international market, and promote the upgrading of laver industry. Therefore, it is necessary not only to improve the technological innovation ability of laver production enterprises, but also to improve the level of industrial management. Through the methods of specialisation of varieties, raw material base, quality standardization, scientific production and technological modernization, the production management and market competitiveness of products can be effectively enhanced.