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What distinction do laver and kelp have?


Are nori and kelp the same substance? Some people have questions about these two foods. Laver and kelp belong to seaweed, but the two cannot be equated.

From the biological point of view, laver belongs to the rhodophyllaceae, order Rhodophyllaceae, and kelp belongs to the kelp family, class kelp, the two belong to completely different families and genera, so it can be seen that pan laver and kelp are not the same products.

Second, although laver and kelp are algae that need to be raised in seawater, they are raised in different areas. Laver is mainly found in parts of the Intertidal zone of Asia, while kelp is subarctic algae, mainly grown in the North Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

In addition, from the point of view of seaweed and kelp contains nutrients, seaweed contains rich seaweed polysaccharide, protein, unsaturated fatty acid, etc., in addition, also contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, has the very high nutritional value, while the kelp contains rich seaweed polysaccharides and a variety of active ingredients, such as galacturonic acid, eelgrass element, taurine, kelp, bifidogenic factors, etc.

Laver and kelp are nutritious health food, often appropriate consumption, not only delicious taste, but also good for human health, whether it is made into a variety of snacks, or dishes, are widely loved by the public.