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What are the different applications of different kinds of laver?


The different colors of laver are influenced by different environments and growing periods. According to different time orders of harvesting, laver can be divided into headwater, second water, and third water. Among them, the harvested head water laver is tender and soft. With the increase in harvesting times, the pure laver will gradually age, and its color and taste will gradually deteriorate. As the main economic algae in our country, Porphyra and Porphyra have different applications, porphyria is mainly sun-dried Porphyra is used in soups, and porphyria is mainly used to make nori and nori foods.

Nori is flake Porphyra, and dry laver is round cake Porphyra. The processing methods of nori are more complex. Porphyra is the raw material, which has to be cut, dried, baked, and other steps. Dried laver can be dried to produce round cake laver, while nori can be eaten directly, while laver needs to be cooked. Nori, like laver, is rich in iodine, selenium, protein, and dietary fiber. Nori is used mainly as an ingredient for making snacks, while laver is used mainly as an ingredient.