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What is the main reason for the difference in laver prices?


Do not understand laver, or just set in laver wholesale people, may have questions, why the 20g pure laver price difference is so big, is it a profiteer? Dealers and farmers at a random price?

This is not a random price, but laver is divided into many times of water and grade, harvest different times of water and grade of the price varies greatly. For example, for laver in the current harvest period, the price of headwater laver is much higher than the price of the laver in the later harvest. If it is high-quality headwater laver or affected by the typhoon caused by laver production, then, the price will also appear relatively large differences.

In most cases, the price of laver is determined by the quality level. Dried laver can be divided into A, B, C, and D levels. Some laver manufacturers will divide the level more carefully, and there are small levels under each level, such as A1, A2, A3, and so on. Pricing is based on the difference in grade, the higher the grade, the higher the price, and there is A big difference between A and D grade laver.

In addition to the great differences caused by different grades of seaweed price, seaweed raw material price will affect the wholesale prices of laver, this is because the laver has the properties of agricultural products, the price will be affected by the recovery quantity, and the price gap sometimes evident, especially in the year of production, demand, laver wholesale prices will rise sharply, if the seaweed production high, Laver prices will go down slightly. When the price of laver goes down, if there is demand, we can buy more. Before engaging in laver wholesale, we must understand the grade and market conditions of laver, to avoid shoddy, wholesale to laver at the right price.