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Development of nori processing industry


At present, China's nori industry has formed on a large scale, and the raw material of nori, Porphyra, has become an important Marine cash crop in China's coastal areas. The development of the crispy yaki nori snack retail and export industry cannot be separated from the silent support of a behind-the-scenes hero, that is, our nori OEM enterprises.

The cost of infrastructure construction in the nori processing industry is very high, including plant, various processing equipment, product research, and development team, and production process research and development. To create a product, a lot of preliminary preparation is needed, as well as continuous adjustment and accumulation of experience in production practice. For this, some nori foundry enterprises have rich resources and experience advantages, which can help the demand side to quickly create products. Gain valuable competitive time.

At present, nori foundry is very common in the market. Through cooperation, the demander can focus on sales, marketing, and other links, while reducing the investment in the production link. As a behind-the-scenes player, the nori foundry can solve the cost of infrastructure, product research and development, market research, and other costs, and provide raw materials with price advantages.

Nowadays, we can see a wide variety of nori products in the market, which is closely related to the development of nori foundry. The adoption of OEM processing is relatively experienced in R & D, design, material purchase, and other cost control, which is helpful to improve production efficiency.