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Why is seaweed labeled on the packaging of delicious laver?


We often find a lot of delicious nori packaging will be labeled with nori, clearly nori how can be labeled with nori? Is nori just nori?

Nori taste delicious and is a very popular food, it can be made into a variety of leisure food, such as common nori roll, seaweed sandwich and so on, so, what is the relationship between it and seaweed? Nori seaweed is a kind of economic category, there are multiple varieties, such as common seaweed species are altar laver and streak seaweed, we used to make soup primarily altar laver, and make the raw material of seaweed is streak seaweed, so the label on the package of seaweed, actually is the raw material of seaweed, also understand what is going on now?

Although porphyria can produce nori, it does not mean that nori and nori are the same food. There are many kinds of porphyria, and porphyria can be used to make nori and various kinds of nori food.

In recent years, the development of nori products has emerged endlessly. In terms of taste, nori is made from the delicious Porphyra, and the taste continues the freshness of nori. Other ingredients are added, and the taste level is richer.