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Which countries export nori?


Nori is an edible seaweed commonly used in the packaging of sushi rolls. The crispy yaki nori snack market is driven by demand for sushi and other traditional Japanese dishes that use nori as an ingredient. The market for nori is global and growing, especially with the growing popularity of sushi. Some major producers of nori are Japan, China and South Korea. The preparation of nori, an edible seaweed, usually involves the following steps:

Harvesting: Seaweed is harvested from the ocean, usually using nets or by hand.

Washing: The harvested seaweed is washed to remove any dirt or debris.

Soaking: The washed seaweed is soaked in water to soften it.

Cutting: The soaked seaweed is cut into smaller pieces.

Sorting: The cut seaweed is sorted by quality and color.

Grinding: The sorted seaweed is ground into a paste.

Spread and Dry: The paste is spread thinly on flat trays and dried under the sun or by using a dryer.

Roasting: The dried seaweed is roasted to enhance its flavor and texture.

Packaging: The roasted seaweed is packaged and ready for consumption.