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What are the consumer groups of seaweed sandwich?


Seaweed sandwich consumption groups are very wide, including children, young white-collar workers, and middle-aged and elderly people. A seaweed sandwich tastes delicious and tastes crunchy like potato chips. As a kind of casual snack, it is very popular among people. In addition, the raw materials of seaweed sandwiches are nori and nuts, which are rich in nutrients. For the loss of appetite, stomach function is weak for the elderly, which can supplement the body nutrition, and appetizer.

Seaweed sandwich belongs to the FMCG category, with a high repurchase rate. Most consumers recognize the health properties of nori. There are a wide variety of snacks in the opposite market, and more people will choose healthy snacks such as seaweed sandwich to replace puffed food. It also has a certain sense of satiety, so it is the snack of choice for many people.