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How to choose the right seaweed sandwich?


A search for seaweed sandwich on a shopping platform will reveal sandwich nori at a variety of price points, so what's the difference? How should consumers choose? Master the following aspects to help you choose the right seaweed sandwich.

When we choose, we can look at the appearance of the seaweed sandwich to identify its raw material. First, to identify the raw materials of nori, we can judge the quality by looking at the luster and color. Good nori is dark green, shiny, has a natural salty umami flavor, no fishy taste. The identification of the sandwich part mainly depends on whether sesame, walnut and other nuts are fresh and full, especially sesame, the quality of full particles is relatively better. If they are shrivel, they may be left over after oil extraction, and it is not recommended to buy them.

After looking at the appearance, we can tell by the taste. Good seaweed sandwich has a natural fragrance and no peculiar smell. At the same time, you can taste the freshness of nori and the oil of various nuts in the sandwich. If there is fishy or oily smell, the sandwich and nori are not fresh, and it is not recommended to use them again. Second, if the seaweed sandwich is too sweet or too strong, we should focus on whether there are too few nuts and too much syrup in the filling.

Modern people pay attention to health, taste light seaweed sandwich more and more popular. In addition, the light flavor of seaweed sandwich can show the original flavor of the food.