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How to choose the right grade of laver?


It is not easy to wholesale goods, and laver, as a food with special agricultural property, wholesale is a test for businesses. It is very different from general industrial products, and it is difficult for us to find the same laver. Therefore, wholesale 20g pure laver has a high requirement on the knowledge reserve of businesses, that is to say, it requires businesses to know how to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of laver. Familiarize yourself with the different uses of different quality laver.

The price of laver is priced according to the quality grade, and the price difference between different grades of laver is relatively large. In the wholesale of laver, to find the supply of high-quality and inexpensive goods, wholesalers must have a certain understanding of the quality of laver. First of all, we should understand the grade of laver, and of course, we should also be familiar with the basis of the classification of laver. The classification of laver grade is determined according to the parameters of color, flatness, fragrance, color, and harvest batch.

Different grades of laver serve different purposes. Although higher-grade laver is more expensive than lower-grade laver, sometimes higher-grade laver is not necessarily suitable for the products produced. For example, if high-quality laver with a tender taste is used to make sushi, it will not be as good as medium-grade laver with a tough taste in terms of its properties or cost performance, because it is too tender to break when rolling sushi.

In the wholesale work of laver, businesses often have to pay a lot of energy and effort, to send the appropriate laver to the hands of consumers, only carefully selected products can reflect the flavor of laver to the greatest extent.