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How to choose seaweed suitable for children?


The use of nori made snacks, such as crispy yaki nori snack,omelet,rice crackers,seaweed puff pastry,roasted seaweed roll,seaweed sandwich,traditional seasoned seaweed and other small snacks are very popular with children, we are very concerned about the safety and nutrition of children's food, so how to choose children's nori? What should I pay attention to when choosing children's nori?

For children to eat snacks, food safety is the focus of our most attention, therefore, when we choose children nori, we should choose regular manufacturers, fully qualified products, for some three no, inferior products to avoid. In addition, the list of ingredients we need to pay attention to, to see if the added ingredients are suitable for children, to check the nutritional content and the list of ingredients such as sugar and salt additives.

When we choose to buy children's snacks, it is generally not recommended to choose too salty or too sweet, and for fried and other ways of processing, we should try not to choose or choose less. Fried nori is not recommended, but traditional flavored nori and stuffed nori are safe choices.

Parents in choosing the right children seaweed at the same time, should also pay attention to the consumption of time and consumption, although the seaweed rich nutrition, and taste delicious, but it is not recommended to eat too much at a time, and the consumption of children seaweed time optional in between meals, used for meals and don't eat immediately before and after the meal, so on the one hand, the bad diet habit, On the one hand, also occupied the meal, to avoid affecting the children's meal use.