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Why do parents choose seaweed sandwich?


Speaking of nori, I think we all know that nori is a kind of nutritious and delicious food. Nori, as a kind of seaweed with high nutritional value, is very popular in children's consumer market.  Because of the high nutritional value of laver, many children's food manufacturers will look at laver, laver as a raw material to develop snacks suitable for children.

Compared with some unhealthy puffed food, laver is regarded as a healthy snack, and rich nutrition, in recent years, such as seaweed sandwich snacks in children's snack sales area, this is the laver after special processing of food, usually in the middle of the two pieces of seaweed add sesame or all kinds of nuts make sandwich seaweed, can not only rich taste, also can increase nutrition, This is why many parents buy food for their children. In fact, a lot of nori food from 2-3 years old to teenagers can eat, and even the elderly can eat, it can be seen that the nori market still has a lot of space for development.

From the point of view of raw materials, such snacks as seaweed sandwich are indeed relatively healthy, but after all, they are deeply processed products and have been seasoned. Therefore, it is not recommended to eat them in large quantities, and moderate consumption is better for health.