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How to choose laver manufacturer?


Compared with traditional industrial wholesale, dried pure laver wholesale has the characteristic that different grades of laver have different prices and different uses. Wholesale dried nori has a variety of uses and can be used to make sushi nori, seasoned nori, nori powder, stuffed nori, etc.

A lot of wholesale laver people may be confused about this, when you go to different laver manufacturer's consultation, may get a lot of quotes, some high, some low, and even the gap is very big. Why is that? It has to do with the quality of the laver.

Dried LAver can be divided into three grades: GRADE A, GRADE B, GRADE C, AND GRADE D. For example, the online laver wholesale network will also be divided into smaller grades under this grade. The purpose of the subdivision is to better distinguish the grades of dried laver, so as to carry out the development of laver and facilitate wholesale. Wholesale, according to the grade selection, different grades of laver so that we can choose more appropriate laver according to the demand in the wholesale. If we want to make ordinary nori powder, we can choose nori which is affected by holes and shrinkage. The nori powder made from this kind of nori has a good taste and color, but it is not suitable for sushi nori which requires a high level of appearance.

There are many more examples, such as sushi nori dried seaweed ingredients are not suitable to choose particularly tender, and seasoning nori needs to choose more tender. In the wholesale of laver, besides paying attention to the use of different laver, it is also necessary to learn to distinguish the grade of laver. Different manufacturers have different labels for laver grades, which may lead to differences in laver grades. When we wholesale laver, we should not only look at the quotation and grade but compare the actual product and consult the corresponding quotation, so as not to match the grade and quotation of some manufacturers.