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How to choose laver from its appearance?


Laver is a very delicious ingredient, I think everyone has eaten it, but what is a good laver? Which colors are better, purple or other colors? How do we choose?

Laver products are full of beauty in the eyes, there are various grades and packaging diversity, but how to choose? In order to help them learn easily select the quality of pure laver, three secrets to tell you, the first secret is to see, here is a look at the appearance of the nori, look have impurities and sediment, the size of laver manufacturers will use automatic production equipment, stable quality, impurities, and sediment are rarely, if more sediment and impurities, so relatively somewhat poor quality. We also look at the color of the nori, high-quality dried laver is supposed to be bright black, if it is purple, shows the risk of the laver metamorphism, in addition, also want to see nori gloss, laver reflective sheen from the cell membrane, if dim, maybe because the laver ashore post-processing not harvested, cause nori isn't fresh. Don't suggest you buy it.

It is an important way to select laver by "looking". We can also judge by smell and taste. High-quality laver has a light seafood taste. In the selection of laver, have the opportunity to taste, quality laver fresh, easy to chew, will not chew, difficult to chew for later dishes, umami, and nutritional ingredients have been lost a lot, therefore, it is not recommended to buy.