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How to choose good laver?


Laver is a kind of economic algae that is cultivated in the sea. It needs to be processed quickly after it is collected from the sea, otherwise, it is easy to go bad. We see in the wholesale pure laver is after processing of dried laver. The wholesale price of dried laver is priced according to the grade of quality. So, how to choose and distinguish the grade of dried laver?

It is important to learn how to identify and select dried laver. Generally speaking, we classify dried laver into 5 grades from best to worst: A, B, C, D, and E. Some countries also use colors to show the grades: gold, silver, blue, green, and purple. The grade of laver plays a decisive role in the wholesale price of laver, therefore, we need to understand how to identify the quality of dried laver so that we can obtain a cost-effective wholesale laver.

The selection of dry laver mainly depends on its appearance, taste, and origin, do these three points, wholesale laver is no longer at a loss. The first is to look at the appearance, dry laver appearance is bright black, shiny, high flatness, holes, dead spots, impurities and less dry laver is better quality. Second, taste. The fresher the better. If the aroma is weak and the taste is rough, then. Laver is of more modest quality. Finally, don't forget to determine the origin. The classification of dried laver is also influenced by their place of origin. The quality, taste, and nutritional content of laver vary slightly from a place of origin, so understanding the origin is also a necessary step. Understand the origin, we should pay attention to the harvest of the laver batch, the harvest of the laver batch can directly reflect the quality of laver, such as the quality of water laver is certainly better than Sanshui, therefore, the wholesale price of water laver will be higher.