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How to choose a good yaki sushi nori?


Many friends like to make some delicious food at home, such as sushi, summer food is very suitable for eating, can be quickly made, can fill the stomach, and is very delicious. Yaki sushi nori is a necessary ingredient to make sushi, it tastes delicious, is easy to match, can be made to make sushi rolls, sushi hand, etc., can also be made into rice balls, bibimbap, etc., in a variety of forms, delicious, the key is to do fast, eat up convenient.

The delicacy of nori makes it hard for many people to resist. For beginners in sushi making, how to choose yaki sushi nori is a science, because choosing high-quality ingredients can make food more delicious. It is not so difficult to choose yaki sushi nori, mainly depending on its appearance, and the smell it tastes.

High-quality yaki sushi nori is generally dark green, and shiny, indicating fresh raw materials, if not dark green, but dull purplish brown, indicating yaki sushi nori nutrient loss, the flavor is not good. In addition to the color, look at whether the yaki sushi nori is flat, and whether there are too many impurities and holes, which can affect the taste, while the holes can affect the appearance and tend to crack when making sushi.

Taste it. It's all about how good it tastes. Yaki sushi nori level is higher, the taste is fresh and tender, such quality yaki sushi nori or do all sorts of hand-rolling rice balls are very delicious, so beginners when choosing yaki sushi nori first to see the appearance, taste and then, if there is no taste, visually distinguish is feasible, because of the appearance of a great influence on sushi nori hierarchies.