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China exports seaweed sandwich


Nori has been popular around the world for many years, generally concentrated in yaki sushi nori, as well as seaweed sandwich, nori roll, and other nori snacks. In recent years, more and more foreign commercial companies begin to pay attention to the leisure nori market. The wholesale of flavored nori and stuffed nori has attracted the attention of many businesses. The demand in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and other countries is increasing, and the delicious stuffed nori is being accepted by people all over the world.

Seaweed sandwich also has unlimited business opportunities abroad. Chinese nori producers, especially those with export qualifications, cannot ignore this demand.

Seaweed sandwich tastes good, fragrant, and crisp, with nuts, there is a unique nori fragrance. Many people love the unique taste of nori, but the traditionally seasoned nori has a more one-dimensional and unsatisfying flavor, while the stuffed nori is crisp-like in the mouth and lasts a long time when you chew it.

However, seaweed sandwich has attracted attention in some developed countries because it is non-fried, low in calories, rich in nutrition, and healthier than ordinary snacks. As a result, the wholesale of stuffed nori has become increasingly popular.

Most consumers can't resist the taste of seaweed sandwich, but taste preferences vary from country to country, with some preferring sweet, others spicy and cumin, and some preferring light. Nori manufacturers are faced with a variety of seaweed sandwich wholesalers. We need to fully understand their habits and tastes so that the products produced can be more popular.