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China exports a lot of laver


China is a major producer of laver, and a large amount of laver is exported to various countries. Laver farming in China is mainly distributed in coastal areas such as Fujian, Zhejiang, and Jiangsu. There are many kinds of 20g pure laver, among which laver Altar and striped laver are two common varieties.

Laver Altar is a unique kind of Chinese laver, which can be dried and sold. Laver Altar is used as raw material during production. After pretreatment processes such as cleaning, impurity removal, shredding, and molding, most of the water is removed through the drying process. Finally, we can get dried laver products, which can be used to make various dishes in daily diets, such as laver shrimp soup, tomato seaweed soup, and so on. It is very delicious and nutritious.

Laver can be classified by variety or by eating method. Common ones can be divided into ready-to-eat dried laver and non-ready-to-eat dried laver. When ready-to-eat dried laver is eaten, it can be eaten only by heating or boiling water, while non-ready-to-eat dried laver is dried laver, which must be deeply cooked before eating or processing as raw materials.

When we buy laver products, we can choose suitable varieties of laver according to the needs of eating or production and processing.