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What are the characteristics of seaweed sandwich processing?


When we look at the list of ingredients for the seaweed sandwich, which many people love and which is made up of nori and all sorts of delicious stuffed ingredients, we find "Porphyra", so where is the seaweed sandwich?

The nori in seaweed sandwiches are processed from Porphyra, so how do they become seaweed sandwiches? This is divided into two main steps, namely the primary processing, which is the process of processing fresh proto-laver into dried laver, and the secondary processing, which is the process of processing dried laver into various nori products.

The primary processing needs to make the new laver protoalgae dried laver, the processing process includes initial washing (cleaning), chopping, washing, blending, cake making, dewatering, drying, peeling, screening, grading, packaging, etc. Common primary processing methods are manual processing, semi-automatic processing, and automatic mechanical processing.

Secondary processing is the process of turning dried nori into nori, and the nori in the seaweed sandwich is also gorgeously transformed in this step. In the production process of seaweed sandwiches, first of all, the transmission component is used to transport nori, and the powder is sprinkled on the nori. After drying and heating the nori, the dried nori will turn from dark brown to dark green after baking, and the aroma is also stimulated.

The deliciousness of the seaweed sandwich is the combination of the salty and nutty flavor of nori into a crunchy snack.