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What are the characteristics of laver processing?


When it comes to laver manufacturers, many people think they are laver manufacturers. Laver manufacturers are divided into primary processing and secondary processing manufacturers of laver.

Some laver manufacturers will also wholesale laver, These kinds of laver manufacturers are usually laver secondary processing manufacturers, so there are a lot of doubts, about what is the primary processing of laver, and what is the secondary processing of laver.

The primary processing of laver is to process laver protoalgae into dried laver, and the secondary processing of laver is to reprocess dried laver into various products. Taking Porphyra as an example, the initial processing is a series of processes such as cleaning, removing impurities, and drying protoalgae of Porphyra Porphyra to make dry Porphyra. Secondary processing is to bake, flavor, and package the dried Porphyra to make yaki sushi nori, flavored nori, nori roll, and other products, which have a wide variety and rich taste.

So, why do some laver secondary processing manufacturers need to wholesale laver? Since not all secondary processing manufacturers have their aquaculture area, they generally purchase dried seaweed from primary processing plants for secondary processing. When choosing raw materials for the laver, we should choose strong, reputable, and high-quality manufacturers for cooperation.