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What is the taste characteristic of yark sushi nori?


The dark green outer layer of sushi that we usually eat is yaki sushi nori, which is crispy and delicious and has a unique seafood flavor. Did you know that the proto-algae from this little sushi nori can make soy sauce?

The soy sauce made from the protoalgae of yaki sushi nori needs to be applied to the fermentation technology. The main difficulty of the technology is to ferment the protoalgae of yaki sushi nori to produce soy sauce. Soy sauce made from the protoalgae of this yaki sushi nori is different from ordinary soy sauce and cannot strictly be called soy sauce. As the raw material does not use one of the 27 soybean varieties and food additives, it is classified as "nori fermentation seasoning". The brand name is classified as "seaweed fermentation seasoning" because 27 allergenic ingredients, including soy and food additives, are not used. The name "soy sauce" cannot be used. The flavoring fermented by protonella of yaki sushi nori contains taurine, amino butyric acid, folic acid, and vitamin B12, and does not contain many allergenic ingredients, so there is no need to worry about allergies.