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Why do laver suppliers recommend buying pure laver in one water?


Pure laver in harvest season can be harvested several times, when one end of the harvest, after more than 10 days of growth can be harvested again, therefore, harvest time is different, the quality will also vary, the first harvest ashore laver is often referred to as TouShui seaweed, the second harvest of pure laver is known as the second water seaweed, and so on, different batches of harvesting seaweed, There are certain differences in the contents of nutrients, amino acids, fatty acids, and inorganic elements.

The results of the determination of various elements in pure laver showed that the nutrients of laver collected in different periods were different, especially the protein content. The highest protein content was 40.96%, while the lowest was 35.59%. The later the harvesting time, the lower the protein content of pure laver. The total sugar content of laver was also different. It was found that the highest total sugar content was not laver headwater, but laver samshu. In addition, the crude fiber content of pure laver was also different in different stages. Contrary to the protein content, the later the harvest time, the higher the crude fiber content, while the crude fiber content of laver in headwater was relatively the lowest.

In this way, there are indeed differences in pure laver harvested in different periods. If you like laver with high protein content, you can choose laver with headwater; if you like laver with high dietary fiber content, you can choose laver with later water. In addition, in the determination experiment of various elements of pure laver, a total of 12 inorganic elements in pure laver were measured. Including sodium, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and four major elements and iron, copper, zinc, manganese, cadmium, arsenic, selenium, and palladium 8 kinds of trace elements, however, pure laver is also rich in protein, total sugar, minerals, DHA, EPA, and other nutrients, it is a kind of good taste, and nutritious food has the very good nutrition health care and the development and utilization value.